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Mommy & Me Spanish Classes provide a welcoming, fun and interactive environment where infants, toddlers and young children learn Spanish together with Moms, Dads and other caregivers. We believe that a family language experience provides much more than what may appear to the eye. When families learn together, the bond will last forever. Through this approach, parents also learn Spanish language and vocabulary. In our Mommy and Me classes, we use books, music and movement, creative arts, dramatic play and other hands-on activities that both caregiver and child participate in. We provide educational materials that class participants can take home. We also provide CDs for auditory reinforcement of activities we do during the class.

Our Mommy and Me Spanish Class also provide the unique opportunity for young children to develop socially, emotionally, physically and cognitively and ready them for future learning. Research suggests that learning a second language at an early age can enrich mental development. Babies and toddlers who have been exposed to a second language may have higher IQ scores.

Looking to give your grandchild a unique experience? Our Mommy and Me Spanish class is the perfect gift for grandparents and grandchildren to learn together. Grandparent’s participation is an integral component in their grandchild’s learning and life. Please call us at (203) 400-0789 to find out more about what De Colores Mommy and Me Spanish classes can do for you and your young children.

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