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It is a tremendous benefit for children ages 6-10 to take Spanish classes. Studies have shown that it is actually more advantageous for children to learn a foreign language. This is true because of its effect on brain development. Research is clear to show that teaching children another language helps develop their cognitive skills and fosters brain development. De Colores Children’s Spanish classes make Spanish learning a total blast. Making new friends and having fun is what De Colores Spanish classes are all about! We believe that children can learn faster with our fun and easy teaching methods. Our goal is to provide your child with useful and meaningful Spanish language experience in a fun-filled environment. 

Our Spanish classes incorporate games and other hands-on activities to ensure that children participate and develop social-emotional, cognitive and creative skills. We enhance Spanish classes with hands-on activities such as cooking, math and science, creative arts, dramatic play, books, and music and movement; children learn far more than vocabulary! In fact, children who are enrolled in foreign language programs score statistically higher on standardized tests conducted in English than their single-language counterparts. A number of College Entrance Examination Board reports have demonstrated that children who have learned a second language earn higher SAT scores, particularly on the verbal section of the test! 

Classes are open to children with no language proficiency or previous exposure, as well as those whose parents who want to improve their child’s Spanish skills. 

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