Preschool Playgroup

"One Child, Two Languages!" Living In A World Of Colors

Preschool Playgroup


De Colores Language Center offers preschool playgroups for preschool children, ages 3-5, through a high quality learning experience in Spanish. At De Colores, we firmly believe that exposure to a second language stimulates cognitive development and prepares children to be culturally competent.

Language development is the focus of the Spanish curriculum and is developed around themes which incorporate math, science, creative art, music and movement, blocks, dramatic play activities, and sensory experiences. The curriculum also builds a solid foundation for future educational success by fostering cognitive, social-emotional, creative, and physical development.

Studies have shown that children who receive even small amounts of second-language instruction are more creative and better at solving complex problems than those who do not!

Young children easily learn to think in two languages. The development of that ability triggers the essential abstract thinking skills that are the basic tools for further learning.

You will be surprised and delighted when you observe your children learning and speaking in
Spanish. We envision our language school as being a model in the 21st century; promoting
global awareness as children grow to understand that we all have a special place in this great big
world of colors. Contact us for more information (860) 236-4773.