Do you know that acquiring new skills makes children smarter?

Enrichment classes are only effective when they proficiently create both engaging as well as educational experiences. Children, who are placed in environments, where they are encouraged to enjoy learning new skills, accelerate in learning. De Colores offers high quality enrichment classes to local childcare programs, and after school programs!! Are you considering offering quality Enrichment classes in your program? De Colores’ experienced Spanish, Yoga and Music and Movement instructors run flexible 6- 10 weeks classes throughout the year, at no additional cost to the center! Our classes can be conducted in Spanish or in English! Our instructors lead exciting enrichment classes for toddler age to school aged children. Ask about our Mommy and Me Spanish language class for your next parent event!

Would you like De Colores Spanish language Classes to be implemented at your school?

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Benefits of Learning a Second Language in the Early Childhood Years
Research proves that children who are exposed to a second language at an early age achieve much better academic results, not only in languages but also in math, science and music. In other words, learning Spanish fosters brain development! Children who receive even small amounts of second-language instruction are more creative and better at solving complex problems than those who do not. Young children easily learn to think in two languages. The development of that ability triggers the essential abstract thinking skills that are the basic tools for further learning.

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